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Hi everyone! Welcome to creative_ppl. This is a community where creative people can gather and talk about their creations in any field. I'm going to make a short simple intro duction survey, though you're allowed to introduce yourself anyway you want to.

Name, or what you want to be called:
Where do you excel in creativity:
How long have you been doing it:
What's your greatest achievement with it/or what you hope to achieve:

I'll go first to break the ice.

My name is Lynnsey, but you can call me Lynn. Hell, you can call me Lynns too.
I excel in dance, writing, and acting.
I've been dancing since I was six, acting since I was four, and writing since I was fourteen.
In dance= competed
In acting= still hasn't happen
In writing= still hasn't happen.

What I hope to achieve:
Dance= make a routine to one of my brother's songs
Acting= work with Gerard Butler, act as a character I had created in one of my novels.
Writing= publish a novel of mine, and have one of my novels converted into a screenplay.

Overall, I want to become a successful professional entertainer.

Also, keep the rules in mind. No spamming, no flamming, no threats. If you need a reminder, they're on the userinfo page.

I hope you guys enjoy this community.
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