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creative_ppl's Journal

Creative People
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A place where creative people can share their talent and creativity.
This is a community where anyone that's into creativity can join. Share your creativity and talent with others.

Who's welcomed?

Artists, crafters, cooks, musicans, singers, models, thespians, dancers, photographers, and anyone else that's creative in any field.

What are the rules?

1. Be respectful of another members. This means do not flame and personally attack other members. You can critize someone's work and creation, but leave the creator alone please.

2. No spamming. I'm not interested in ads. If you came here just to pimp your community, please leave. You will only be allowed to pimp your community if you're willing to actually post your creations here. If you spam, I'll delete your post. If you continue to be rebellious despite what I say or do, I'll just ban you.

3. No threats. You'll be banned asap if you threat anyone without a warning. So, don't do it.